This route has two unique characteristics: the first, that being a linear route, it can be started from various points, coinciding with various rural lodgings located in Ribera Alta, Ribera Baja and Ermita Nueva; and the second, that as it runs along the length of the Velillos River, you will enjoy a contrasting microclimate with very mild temperatures in summer and icy temperatures in winter. Nightingales, common blackbirds and warblers nest in this wonderful meadow of poplars and brambles. Here we can also find shrews, one of the smallest mammals in existence.

It is a trail of windmills and sawmills that remind us of the use of natural energy and the socio-economic role they played in the area.

Length: 10.4 km Estimated time 3h 20.

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Alcalá la Real


37.462052681101, -3.9224521911681

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