The market was built on the site of the former Santa Catalina convent, a 16th century construction that was knocked down in 1844 after having been abandoned following  the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of Mendizabal of 1835.

The new building was set in a Neoclassical style, designed by Ramón del Toro in 1842. The building is rectangular in shape, with four sides with porticoes and spaces for market stalls.

It is closed with four wrought-iron gates, and was restored in recent years. In view of its decadence as a traditional market, there are plans to bring this trading space more in line with the trading philosophy of our ages, where multiples tapas bars and a oleoteca, a shop specilized in olive oil, are located.



C/ Domínguez de la Haza, Carmona


37.471718932019, -5.6379546459733

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