The escarpment gives us a scenic value of high visual quality. The vegetation has been almost completely replaced by agricultural land. There are small pockets of scrubland-grassland remaining.

It is a SW-NE facing tabular relief with an altitude of between 100 and 220 metres.  The substrate is made up of loamy sands, sandstones, calcarenites, blue loams, etc… which develop medium quality soil for farming use with limitations.

The most common fauna to be seen here are species such as buzzards, kestrels, booted eagles, blue tits or snakes, among others.

How to get there: Opposite the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla (Fortress of the Port of Seville), take the ‘camino del matadero’ path up to the old station where it splits from the Vía Verde de los Alcores trail which leads to the escarpment.





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