The Osuna-Lantejuela endorheic complex is located in the heart of the countryside, to the east of the province of Seville, on the border between the Baetic Depression and the Sierras Subbéticas. TheNature Reserve consists of lakes that often have a sheet of water over them throughout the year, which becomes a usual habitat for birds. 

The complex consists of three lakes: La Ballestera, Calderón Chica and El Gobierno with vegetation typical of lagoons, comprising reeds, salicornia, true grasses and tamarix.

The lagoons are often visited by numerous aquatic birds in migration, especially mallards, northern shovellers, Eurasian wigeons, common shelducks, flamingos and occasionally geese. Among the birds of prey that live in this environment are common buzzards, Montagu’s harriers and western marsh harriers. Bird watching is an appealing activity for those visiting this beautiful setting.



laguna calderon, osuna


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