The Oleico Pallarés Oil Mill is a family company which produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the brand ‘Herriza de la Lobilla’.

They offer ‘oleoturismo’ (olive oil tourism) experiences such as tours of the estate nestled in an idyllic spot, and subsequently the oil mill, perfectly suited to an audience with a high cultural and culinary interest. A unique experience in Seville’s Sierra Sur mountain range, in the heart of the Osuna countryside. You will have the chance to discover the secrets of signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where the quality is the essential goal and “contact” with the product is much more real. 

Tours can be taken in Spanish and English. If you require a tour in another language, this can be offered provided you tell them in advance.

They offer tours for groups (minimum of 4 people). Tours last for between 90 and 120 minutes, from Monday to Sunday. Book in advance via email or by telephone. 

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The visit consists of the following: 

  1. Estate tour
  2. Olive mill tour
  3. Internationally awarded and recognised Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting + gift



C/ Carraca europea 23, Osuna


37.23933, -5.129259999999999



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