This parish church was built as a chapel for the Industrias de Nuestra Señora del Carmen in 1917 to cover the spiritual needs of the Estación neighbourhood. It became a parish church in 1954.

The church has one single, Neo-Gothic nave, with beautiful, medium-sized jasper on the façade and the bottom part of the wall. The baroque altarpiece houses the image of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the incumbent image of the church. It came from the Caridad chapel that was once in front of the Town Hall.

The beautiful, artistic image that represents the Resurrection of Jesus is truly outstanding. It is a Granadan piece from 1630, by Alonso de Mena y Escalante, which came from the former la Veracruz chapel. It was moved to the del Carmen parish church when the current brotherhood, which parades the image of the Resurrection through the streets, was founded.



Av. de la Estación, 62,puente-genil


37.395596095454, -4.7540659574867

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