Nuestra Señora del Carmen church was founded in the fifteenth century. Extremely important works were executed during the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and the tower was erected in 1637. A highly valuable, eighteenth-century glass case with tortoiseshell and silver overlay is on display in the Santo Sepulcro chapel.

The main altarpiece is decorated with rocaille-covered columns and estipites. A sculpture of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is displayed in the central niche; her robe adorned with the same motifs as the retablo. Sculptures of Saint Theresa, Saint Mary Magdalene de’Pazzi, Saint Elisha and Saint Albert of Trapani are in the side aisles. 

The church also houses a considerable collection of paintings. 



C/ El Carmen, s/n,Écija


37.540370040867, -5.0852980011971

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