The Mycological Garden and the Andalusian Mycology Centre La Trufa is located on the outskirts of the village Zagrilla, near Priego de Córdoba. The Mycological Garden is divided in eight areas, where some of the most representative ecosystems of Andalusia have been recreated, such as: pine forest, cork, oak, and pasture land, riverside pine forest, among others.

As well as walking through the garden, visitors can enter the centre where a great variety of fungi grow naturally, and we can find the main mushrooms and truffles associated with these Andalusian ecosystems, characteristic of the Mediterranean mountainside: Leccinum, true morels, Heavy Amidella, saffron milk cap, russula, Caesar’s mushroom and boletus.

As well as the Mycological Garden’s numerous attractions, the visitor can find an interesting exhibition of giant mushroom and fungi sculptures in the various rooms throughout the centre. They are creations from the Sevillano artist Marcos Domínguez Alonso, the most outstanding are at the building’s entrance, the bronze honey fungus ensemble or the acorns and truffles.



Carretera CO-8211 KM. 7,25, Aldea de Zagrilla, Priego de Córdoba


37.48307995321812, -4.236109339644486



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