The Association of Easter Week brotherhoods from Baena has created a permanent exhibition on the local Easter Week traditions, declared as being of national touristic interest. The exhibition can be found in the Casa de la Condesa, the association’s headquarters, in calle Mesones.The town’s Easter Week groups display different items related to their Easter Week celebrations in this beautiful manor house, in the heart of the historic town centre.

This display is a good example for visitors to the town as it explains the unique role of the Judío de Baena (Jew of Baena). This figure’s attire attracts special attention and consists of a red embroidered jacket, black trousers, white shirt, a neckerchief and a metal helmet with impressive imprinted patterns and a brightly coloured plumage coming from the top.Horse hair is also attached to the back of the helmet, which is black (Judío Colinegro) or white (Judío Coliblanco) depending on the brotherhood.



C/ Mesones 37, baena


37.614421036187, -4.3284565013267



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