A company based in Carmona which produces aloe vera. Its product is present in the world of cosmetics and this company designs innovative food products, using 100% environmentally-friendly and vegan premium quality aloe, grown in its own estate, Las Coronas. 

The aloe is grown using with eco-friendly, practical techniques certified by the CAAE (Andalusian Organic Farming Committee). Thanks to its manual harvesting and minimal processing, the properties of this aloe are enhanced in the product that ends up on your table.

The products made include aloe vera gel, creams, juice and jams. 

They offer tours of the aloe vera crops, lavender fields, paulownia forests, natural maze, lake and others. 

Visits can take place from Monday to Friday from 9am until 2pm and from 6pm until 9pm. The visits last for 1.5 hours. Minimum of 4 adults. Maximum of 10 people (while the restrictions are still ongoing due to the state of alarm. The capacity will be increased as the authorities ease restrictions). 

Book in advance via email. 

Languages: Spanish, English. 


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