This short trail is located in a natural reserve and consists of a walk around the Amarga lake (258 ha) and Dulce lake (262.52 ha). The main feature of Amarga lake is the large quantity of magnesium sulphate in its water, hence its name (literally ‘bitter lake’). We will be surprised by the contrasting colours of this lake, with its deep blue, and the laguna Dulce which, despite its proximity, has much warmer tones; the water comes from underground, although the lakes are also fed by run-off water and rain.

The lakes offer landscapes where you can enjoy marsh vegetation with characteristic formations such as: reed, tamarisk, bulrush and fescue. The surroundings offer a beautiful panorama of olive groves and Mediterranean scrub. The most notable fauna are birds since it is their habit, and a transit area along the migration route for others. Of particular relevance are the Western swamphen and ruddy ducks, both classified as being ‘in danger of extinction’. There is an observatory from where you can observe, among other birds, ruddy ducks, which can be identified by their thick blue beak and upright tails. Others include the common pochard, mallards and wainscots, great crested grebe, crested and common coot, northern shoveler, western swamphen, redfish, common grebes and black-necked grebes.

Photography: Juan Algar Carrascoza. 

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Laguna Amarga, Lucena


37.317110896751, -4.6163699061781

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