One of Puente Genil’s most interesting industrial buildings is next to the river Genil and the avenue. This building is one of the most emblematic in the town given that it started as a flour factory and some years later went on to generate electricity, on 11 August 1889. It was built in 1878 as a project commissioned to the French engineer, Leopoldo Lemoniez, by the shareholders, once the bridge was complete.

La Alianza is a building with a square floor plan. It has four floors and an attic, but only two floors are visible from the avenue. The building has French influence given the constructor’s origin, only noticeable in some elements such as the decoration of the attic’s window.

The building was built with stock brick from local ceramicists and is exposed. There are numerous windows, framed by white stone from the Sierra Gorda quarries. The whole building only has one central pewter balcony likely to have come from Seville. There are decorative ceramic elements between each of the windows, making the building appear less austere. There are four stone pinnacles at the ends of the gabled-roof, also created with stone from the Sierra Gorda quarries.

The building has maintained quite a good condition, given its robustness and the quality of the materials used, despite having been exposed to the river Genil’s floods, as if the case for the bridge.



plaza nacional, Puente Genil


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