This church was built in 1718 by Jerónimo Ramírez de Quero in line with Leonardo Antonio de Castro’s designs, an artist from Lucena of great renown. The church has a rectangular floor plan and a remarkable side with five sections, covered with a half barrel vault, except for the section next to the presbytery, which boasts a dome atop pendentives embellished with complex leaf forms around the founders’ heraldic coat of arms. The façade consists of ashlars, formed by a rectangular wall, crowned by a triangular pediment with an oculus, mirroring models inspired by the Herrerian style.

The main altarpiece, dominated by the image of the Inmaculada, was constructed in 1800.It shows clear Neoclassical influences in its structure and is organised into three traditional tiers: a very elevated, lower bench, including beautifully carved and gilded geometric-style sacristy doors and a Sagrario, topped by a straight pediment, the main tier and the attic tier.It possesses many sculptures, one of the most remarkable being San Miguel, which is possibly of colonial origin.



antonio eulate,19, Lucena


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