Thanks to its location, the town of Cabra is characterised for its fertile land and an abundant water supply. This is due to its location in the bastion where the Cabra river meets the Chorrón stream, and important springs. Therefore, Cabra is a town with an agricultural tradition, with a history which is closely linked to crops. This age-old tradition of farming and livestock, of irrigated horticultural land and fruit crops, and also olive groves, rainfed fruit trees and extensive livestock farming, is deeply rooted in its society. It continues to survive as an inseparable part of the economy, culture and landscape of the town.

Nowadays, the whole of the town of Cabra is irrigated land, suitable for growing crops. 

You can visit these crop fields, which are located within the town, on Senda del Caz, as well as purchase the products through Hortinehf (957 520 318). 



Senda del Caz,Cabra


37.474496995668, -4.4370602279307

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