This area is characterised by the vastness of its wooded area. Average circumference at breast height is around 5 metres. One of the trees, whose trunk is leaning along the slope, has a circumference of 5.65 metres. Its crown spread is over 500 m2.It is made up of four master branches that grow almost in parallel to the ground.

The wooded area is located in a natural setting near the border between Alcalá la Real and Castillo de Locubín, next to a farmhouse and stream of the same name. The area is in a depression between the Moroccan High Atlas and the La Martina hill. The wooded area consists of eight gall oaks, where the three largest ones are grouped in the part closest to a young olive grove, where almond and cherry trees are also grown. The Alcalá la Real side of the hill preserves remnants of vegetation that is typical of the Mediterranean, including holm, under which flax-leaved daphne and wild roses grow.



hoya de charilla, alcala la real


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