The former Franciscan convent houses Puente Genil’s permanent Holy Week exhibition, promoted by the ‘Agrupación de Cofradías, Hermandades y Corporaciones Bíblicas’ (Association of Brotherhoods and Biblical Corporations). The exhibition is home to a simulation of life in the cuartel lodgings, with an exhibition of characters and typical cuisine, as well as a video exhibition of Holy Week and Lent. 

Inside the venue, you can watch a documentary video about Puente Genil’s most important moments of Holy Week; bull runs, processions, important moments for the pallbearers of the floats, Diana al Patrón, Good Friday evening and the characteristics that make Holy Week in Puente Genil unique and unforgettable.



Contralmirante Delgado Parejo y Cañero, 1, Puente Genil


37.3905165, -4.7707323



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