Encarnación Hurtado is a sculptor and painter of religious images from Utrera. She inherited her passion of sculpture from her father, who passed his knowledge on to her, using materials like clay or wood at an early age, as well as applying techniques such as polychromy.

She gained important knowledge about volumes, anatomy and proportions and delved further into studying the masters of the Escuela Sevillana, her closest role models: Juan Martínez Montañés, Juan de Mesa, Pedro Roldán, his daughter Luisa Roldán, etc. She also has a keen interest in the art of Sculptors from Granada such as Pedro de Mena, José Risueño and Torcuato Ruiz del Peral, and Castilian sculptors who include Jerónimo Hernández or Francisco del Rincón.

Her passion for art and culture led her to become interested in painting and, her musical preferences include Pre-Renaissance choral tradition. Encarnación Hurtado’s artistic production, full of technical abilities and a true awareness of the Baroque spirit, foretell a career advancement which far exceeds being reputable. This will make her a leading example in Sevillian religious sculpture for years to come.

In 2002, after spending time with an open workshop in her birth town of Utrera, Encarna Hurtado moved to Andalusia’s capital. However, she decided to return to her old studio in Utrera in 2010.



C/ Álvarez Quinteros, 20,Utrera


37.18303792870453, -5.782701356646283

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