This beautiful Renaissance fountain, called the Pilar de los Álamos, is located directly in front of Los Álamos park. It was built in 1552 and was designed by Jacobo Florentino ‘el florentín’, although he did not complete its construction. He was the predecessor of Diego de Siloé in Los Jerónimos church in Granada and both artists were considered the pioneers of Andalusian Renaissance.

Historical accounts recall that this fountain once collected water from ‘La Mina’ spring, located close to the natural site Los Llanos. The fountain’s façade is made of sandstone and displays two warriors holding Alcalá’s coat of arms, protected by two griffins, mythological creatures with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, which guard treasures. These figures can also be found on other buildings in the town, as in heraldry, these imaginary beings are always related to protecting and guarding the town, a role that Alcalá la Real played for more than a century before the conquest of Granada.

To this end, the inscription present on the emblem’s orle reads “key, guard and defence for the Castillian kingdoms”, the title granted to the town by the Catholic Monarchs.



C/ Los Álamos,Alcalá la Real


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