La Flor de Utrera distillery produced its first anisettes in 1960, when Antonio Espinar Ojeda and his children reopened the former liquor factory. The factory distilled anisettes and gin back in 1943, under the brand name Horizonte, using a copper alembic produced in 1916 in Calle Feria in Seville.

Locals from Utrera and the surrounding countryside towns have loved the blend of flavours since the factory distilled its very first anisette, given its aniseed aroma and silky-smooth palate. Now in its third generation, the Espinar family continues this admirable tradition.

Photo: Alberto Flores (ABC)



Calle Industria nº 20 Polígono Industrial La Aurora. Utrera,Utrera


37.194133595932, -5.7916486409814

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