Its origin dates back to 1578, with the foundation created by Francisco Álvarez de Bohórquez and his wife Catalina de Coria y Maldonado, on the condition that they accepted 12 nuns without dowries, who were blood relatives of theirs. It currently houses a community of cloistered Carmelite nuns. The architectural site dates back to the 16th century, although it subsequently underwent continual alterations. The inside of the single-naved church follows the typical model of the cloistered convents of the province, reminiscent of Medieval times. At the foot of the temple, in the last section reserved for the cloister, there is a double chancel. The altarpieces and the Main altar from the mid-18th century stand out, gilded with overlapping vegetation, even on the pilasters that separate the three aisles that form it. In their bakery, they make their specialities of homemade sponge cakes, of almonds and sultanas, which are for sale at their turntable.




C/ Ponce de León, 13,Utrera


37.181064628889, -5.7826123257198

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