Holy Week in Carmona stands out for its imagery. It boasts unique images of priceless value in which a privileged place must be given to the Señor de la Amargura (Lord of Bitterness). Sculpted by Jorge Fernández Alemán in 1521, this is the oldest dated piece used in the Holy Week processions in Andalusia and can be found in the Church of San Felipe. Also noteworthy is the painstaking handcrafted work and heritage value reflected in the objects that accompany the processions, such as the embroidery, carvings and metalwork.

All of this can be enjoyed by visiting the Brotherhood Houses of Carmona, where we can see objects and pieces of great value.

La Columna Brotherhood House, Santiago Church
La Amargura Brotherhood House, San Felipe Church
La Esperanza Brotherhood House, El Salvador Church
La Humildad y Paciencia Brotherhood House
Nuestro Padre Brotherhood house
Santo Entierro Brotherhood House
La Expiración Brotherhood House
Casa Hermandad del Descendimiento (Brotherhood House of Descent)


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