The building adjoining the church of San Pedro Mártir de Verona was the former Dominican convent founded in 1575 by the Bishop of Cordoba. In 1836, it became a national asset as a result of the decree of expulsion. It was auctioned in 1844 and Juan de Navas García took ownership of it. Before becoming municipally-owned, the building was an anise distillery, olive oil mill and winery. It still features a fantastic Mannerist arcaded courtyard with semi-circular arches and columns on a pedestal base. There is a fountain in the middle surrounded by a garden and palm trees. 
The building is currently being refurbished and will be turned into a multi-purpose public centre. The project has restored the central porticoed courtyard and a second rear courtyard has open green spaces for everyone’s enjoyment. The rest of the building has a versatile design for different uses, including exhibitions, teaching, social uses, meetings, etc., with a total of 11 rooms spread across three floors.




C/ San Pedro, 50, Lucena


37.4077441, -4.489696500000001

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