16th century construction. Very reconstructed on its interior. The ducal town’s coat of arms appears on its façade. It was built over the arch of the Puerta de Teba, towards 1533. The white of its whitewashed walls is interrupted by two rows of balconies. The first is a series of arches supported by double-paired columns lined with woodwork; The second  were once vantage points that looked out onto the Plaza: two long and wide verandas, which house the pink estipites with sculpted heads that support the orders of the double empty spaces that extend until the wall; Then a little lower down and creating the corner of the block, with an inclined buttress, is another house. This house has galleries with wrought iron railings instead of balconies. They are examples of 17th century domestic architecture. The balconies made the buildings’ façades lighter, giving rise to interesting shadows and allowing owners to go up and show off the views: to look at and be looked up at by the town from the Plaza. There is a version of Osuna’s coat of arms on the town hall’s colonnade.






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