Anzur castle is a modest castle located on one of the hillocks close to Puente Genil. Only the watchtower is preserved – a large tower with small view points, whose silhouette can be seen from several points throughout the region, given that its is positioned on one of Puente Genil’s highest points.

It is of Moorish origin, built during the 10th century, to serve as a watchtower. Many archaeological ruins, such as walls, ceramic pots, etc. have been found in its surrounds, given that many cultures settled at its feet: Iberians, Romans and Moors.

Anzur castle is very much linked to Puente Genil, so much so, it features the coat of arms that was created following the union between Pontón de Don Gonzalo (Córdoba) and the Barrio de Miragenil (Seville).



castillo anzur, Puente Genil


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