Alcalá la Real’s local government has an amphibian and reptile rescue centre, where they take in individual or groups of animals at threat and free them back into the area where they found them. They very often pick up animals found in areas where building work is taking place and take them back once the works are over, if possible, or to another area with similar characteristics. The centre has an artificial, naturalised pond, where native species live, like frogs, newts, fish and freshwater turtles, etc. The centre also takes in exotic species, brought in by their owners or confiscated by the authorities, such as iguanas, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, fresh water turtles, etc. There is a display room with terrariums, where you can see some reptile and amphibian species. The centre also provides environmental education, allowing visitors to find out more about the benefits of reptiles and amphibians, since they are very important for the equilibrium of ecosystems. They also try to debunk the myths surrounding these species, which cause them to be at threat and suffer persecution due to negative feelings towards them. Anyone can visit the centre during summer months, but guided tours can be arranged for school trips or groups throughout the year.



centro de rescate de anfibios y reptiles, alcalá la real


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