Alcalá la Real is a vast region surrounded by many beautiful villages and a unique landscape, making it ideal for hiking and mountain biking. There are several hiking trails between Alcalá la Real and its surrounding villages, as well as bicycle lanes that start in Alcalá and pass through spots such as Portichuelo.

-Trail 1: Alcalá la Real-Charilla (4.15 km)

-Trail 2: Alcalá la Real-Ribera Alta (9.35 km)

-Trail 3: Alcalá la Real-La Pedriza (7.35 km)

-Trail 4: Alcalá la Real-Ermita nueva (bike lane) (9.9 km)

-Trail 5: Alcalá la Real-Villalobos (bike lane) (8.7 km)

-Trail 6: Alcalá la Real- La Pedriza-Ermita Nueva-Villalobos-Alcalá la Real (29.8 km)

-Trail 7: Alcalá la Real-Fuente Álamo (10.4 km)

-Trail 8: Alcalá la Real-Santa Ana (4 km)

-Trail 9: Alcalá la Real-Venta de los Agramaderos (10.95 km)

-Trail 10: Bike lane (4.4 km)



Alcalá la Real


37.461092911861, -3.9145588705116

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