Much of Écija’s culture is closely linked to FLAMENCO, with many singers, guitarists, dancers and poets hailing from the town. One of Andalusia’s most important flamenco festivals has been held in Écija for more than 35 years: La Noche Flamenca Ecijana, with participation from many famous flamenco singers.

The town also boasts a large number of flamenco social clubs, locally known as peñas: Teresa León female flamenco club, David Serrano flamenco club, Antonio Mairena flamenco club, La Plazuela flamenco club and the world’s first bullfighting and flamenco cultural association, Peña del Peña. Écija is also represented by the award-winning flamencologist, Manuel Martín Martín and Manuel Malbaceda, an extraordinary poet, whose lyrics are sung by many acclaimed flamenco singers.