Écija’s gastronomy reflects its history. Using the ingredients produced by the town’s fertile lands, the main dishes are GAZPACHO, SALMOREJO, ESPINACAS LABRADAS (a spinach-based dish) and SOPA DE GATO, a variant of ajoblanco, a garlic-based chilled cream with peppers and tomatoes. Other typical dishes are OXTAIL, WILD ASPARAGUS or FLAMENQUINES, which consist of deep-fried crumbed rolls of pork loin and ham.

Écija is also renowned for its MOLLETE bread rolls, which are enjoyed throughout the region for breakfast, especially with manteca colorá (orange-coloured lard). The town also boasts a rich and varied cake and pastry tradition, the most famous sweets being EL ECIJANO YEMAS (egg yolk and sugar), TORTAS, and exquisite convent-made cake and pastry, including BIZCOCHOS MARROQUIÉS (Moorish cakes) and HAZELNUT TRUFFLES from Santa Florentina convent, PEAR SWEETS IN SYRUP by Discalced Carmelite nuns or FLORES DE MIEL (honey-drenched flower-shaped pastries) from Santa Inés convent. OLIVE OIL is another important ingredient in Écija’s recipes, as the town has been producing it since Roman times.