Alcalá la Real has managed to maintain its traditions and religious festivals, and currently has a diverse cultural calendar.

At CANDLEMAS, on February 2nd, the ‘Virgen de las Mercedes’ (Our Lady of Mercy) is carried through the streets, maintaining the tradition of displaying pigeons in popular costumes, the NOCHE DE LAS LUMBRES Y TAMBORES (LITERALLY NIGHT OF FIRES AND DRUMS) is held on March 18th where bonfires are lit in front of the alcoves dedicated to St Joseph and, on June 23rd, the FIESTA DE SAN JUAN (FEAST OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST) is held with the ritual of burning the witch. Other interesting celebrations include the DÍA DE LA CRUZ (DAY OF THE CROSS) in May and the striking CORPUS CHRISTI in June which sees the streets adorned with flower petals.
New traditions are added in summer, such as the MULTICULTURAL EVENTS IN THE SIERRA SUR MOUNTAIN RANGE (ETNOSUR), a multicultural event with three days of music, theatre and gastronomy, and the MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL which takes place at La Mota Fortress.

Alcalá holds two yearly festivals; FERIA de ANTONIO in June and the FERIA REAL DE SANTA MATEO with its livestock tradition in September.