Alcalá la Real is found within the Andalusian lands, which has a great diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. Formations such as Los Tajos are worthy of mention: impressive sharp-cut rocks under which natural vegetation is preserved as a sample of what once was Mediterranean forest in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Discovering the Los Llanos area is also interesting, a vast tableland where tree vegetation is absent and where there are an abundance of stones or pebbles that give the area a moon-like appearance.

There are many different landscapes surrounding Alcalá la Real, among which Hoya de Charilla, Sierra de la Martina, Rompezapatos, and the Sierra de la Camuña are all impressive: their beauty and uniqueness must be enjoyed and discovered.In Alcalá la Real, visitors can go hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, practice archery, orienteering in the nature and interpret natural heritage.

The best known trails are The Sumac Trail, the Alcalá la Real’s ‘Ruta de la vida sana’ – Healthy living trail which includes 10 different possibilities for hikers and bikers, and the Watchtower Trail an itinerary for hikers to pass by the nine fortified towers preserved in the town’s surrounds.

In terms of active tourism, Alcalá la Real’s offer includes activities such as hiking, mountaineering, mountain bike riding, archery, orientation in nature and the interpretation of the natural heritage, featuring the Los Zumaques Trail, the Gr 7 Trail, in its section through Alcalá la Real, the Rio Velillos Trail, or the Rutas de la Vida Sana (Healthy Living Trail) of Alcalá la Real and its villages and the Watchtower Route, an itinerary designed for hiking through the nine defensive towers that have been preserved on the outskirts of the town.